Theresa Guske, Executive Vice President of Operations

Theresa Guske serves a variety of roles at Bakken Communities, LLC and 1784 Captial Holdings, LLC, ranging from investor relations to human resources and  finance.  Ms. Guske handles portfolio management for the company’s  investors and coordinates day-to-day finances that include managing real  estate transaction documentation and construction cost coordination.

Her 25+ years of experience in construction  administration, commercial real estate finance and human resources are  invaluable to the 1784 Capital Holdings organization.  Ms. Guske is the  former Senior Vice President Loan Management of an Arizona mortgage  banking institution.  That position held her responsible for all  closing, post-closing, portfolio management and compliance.  During her  tenure in that position she oversaw management of $1.5 billion in  commercial loans.  In addition to this role, Ms. Guske has been a  Construction Coordinator for PetsMart new store construction and Office  Manager for Milmer Construction in Jacksonville, FL.

Born and raised in New Jersey and Pennsylvania,  Ms. Guske is a natural sports fan.  Her father worked for the  Philadelphia Phillies organization and one of her two sons is a college  baseball player.  When she is not watching sports, Ms. Guske avidly  walks in 5K races and enjoys gardening.

To contact Ms. Guske, email