About Watford City, North Dakota

Watford City is located in McKenzie County, approximately 46 miles  south of Williston, North Dakota and approximately 65 miles northwest of  Killdeer, North Dakota.

The Watford City/ McKenzie County area is  located at the center of the drilling activity for the Bakken Formation,  which covers a land mass of approximately 200,000 square miles that  stretches from Saskatchewan, Canada to northeast Montana and into  Western Central North Dakota. 

Watford City is located at the center of the oil field drilling  activity for the Bakken. Founded in 1914 and incorporated in 1915,  Watford City has experienced substantial growth from the oil boom.  North Dakota is the second largest oil producer in the United  States and Watford City is situated in the center of the Bakken oil  field region. 

Commercial development along State  Route 85 has increased significantly due to the oil field activities in  this region. Industries in the area include retail, hospitality,  manufacturing, mining, education, and medical providers. 


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